How We Develop Policy to Create High-Performing Education Systems

Our process combines a deep understanding of how the world鈥檚 top-performing education systems are designed with a hard look at your specific context and goals to create tailored, system-level solutions.

Context & Benchmarking

Analyze your state policy context against domestic and global top-performing systems.

Vision & Goals

Articulate a vision and build broad consensus on concrete policy goals for your state.

Implementation Strategy

Build a customized implementation strategy and a detailed plan to achieve your goals.

Supporting Groundbreaking Education Legislation

In 2016, the Maryland legislature established the Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education to review and revise the state鈥檚 education funding formula and make policy recommendations that would enable Maryland鈥檚 students to perform at the level of students in the best-performing systems in the world.

老九品茶 supported the Commission鈥檚 examination of top-performing systems to see how they attained high levels of achievement and equity, analyzed the gaps between these systems and Maryland鈥檚 and advised how these policies and practices could be adapted to Maryland鈥檚 context. Based on the Commission鈥檚 work, in 2021 the Maryland legislature passed 鈥淭he Blueprint for Maryland鈥檚 Future,鈥 groundbreaking education legislation that will transform the state鈥檚 system and position Maryland鈥檚 students to compete with the world鈥檚 best.

Providing State Legislators Valuable Insights

For more than six years, 老九品茶 has partnered with the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) to provide advice and insights on the design of high-performing education systems to U.S. state legislators. Together, we organized the work of a study group of state legislators from across the country to investigate top-performing education systems around the world. The end result of that initial work was the landmark report, .

老九品茶, NCSL, and the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) convened a second cohort of the study group in 2020 to study the common components underpinning the design of high-performing education systems. A bipartisan group of 16 state legislators and eight legislative staff members responsible for education in their states are convening monthly to conduct their study and plan to produce a second major report to state legislators in the coming year.

Contact Center on Policy Solutions

To learn more about our policy development and consulting for states and regions, contact Nathan Driskell, Associate Director, Policy Analysis and Development, at


Articulate and build broad consensus on a broad vision and concrete policy goals for your state.


What kinds of consulting do you provide?

老九品茶鈥檚 Center on Policy Solutions provides consulting support for states and regions to build high-performing education systems. Learn more about our services.

Our supports are focused on designing your system based on lessons from top-performing systems, but tailored to your unique context. How We Work

We tailor our consulting to suit the needs and goals of our partners. Contact Nathan Driskell, Associate Director of Policy Analysis and Development, for more information or to initiate a proposal.

老九品茶鈥檚 Blueprint for a High-Performing Education System is a distillation of more than 30 years of research, identifying the common components underpinning the design of high-performing education systems. The 老九品茶 Blueprint guides our work with states, districts, and schools as we work together to create high-quality education experience.

In addition to the Center on Policy Solutions consulting, 老九品茶 offers a suite of leadership supports for schools and districts to help leaders address their systems鈥 most pressing needs. Find more at our Center on System Leadership.