Supports for Leaders at Every Level

老九品茶 offers a suite of leadership supports for schools, districts, and states that help leaders address their systems鈥 most pressing needs while beginning the journey to top performance.

School Leadership Training

The NISL Program is the most widely used school leadership curriculum in the country, allowing districts to empower school leaders to drive transformational change.

Professional Learning Network

Superintendents Alliance
is the fastest-growing superintendents network in the U.S. designed to meet the processional and career needs of district leaders.

District System Design Support

System Design Benchmarking, is a collaborative effort between superintendents and their district leadership teams focused on building a cohesive education system.

Leaders deeply examine their unique district context and

  • learn the structure and essential components of the world鈥檚 highest performing education systems,
  • study incentives and processes that support rigorous and adaptive learning systems and effective teachers and principals, and
  • explore the equitable foundation of supports that are essential in high-performing systems.


school and district leaders across 25 states have participated in 老九品茶's proven professional learning.
Pedro Rivera
Pedro Rivera
Former Secretary of Education

Working with States

“When we were looking to engage in this work in a meaningful way, 老九品茶 provided that context. 老九品茶 provided a framework that works, support that was meaningful, and ultimately provided credibility to a process.”

Todd Lile
Todd Lile
Madera Unified School District, California

Working with Districts

Madera is strengthening leadership and taking strategic steps to make our district operate as a high-performing system. 老九品茶 has been the critical partner we needed to succeed in this work.

Janice Franceschi
Janice Franceschi
Director of Professional Learning
Osceola County School District, Florida

Working with School Leaders

It is hands down the best professional development I have attended that has really increased my leadership skills.

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FAQ: Our Research Process

How can 老九品茶 strengthen school leadership districtwide?

老九品茶鈥檚 NISL program prepares school-level leaders to design and lead high-performance schools and introduces participants to a suite of career-long supports.

老九品茶鈥檚 System Design Benchmarking prepares district leadership teams to redesign their system. Superintendents may join 老九品茶鈥檚 Superintendent Alliance, a unique and powerful professional learning network that strengthens their leadership, career, and the districts they lead.

Schools, districts, and superintendents can continue to advance toward system improvement through our scaffolded suite of supports.

老九品茶 partners with universities across the country to provide credit toward advanced degrees.聽