NISL Program

老九品茶鈥檚 NISL program is the most widely used research-proven professional learning program for school leaders in the country. It prepares school leaders to create and lead high-performance organizations, improve instruction, leverage data-driven decision making, improve student and school culture, and focus on equity.聽

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System Design Benchmarking

老九品茶鈥檚 System Design Benchmarking (SDB) strengthens district leadership teams and the districts they lead. Participants assess their current system while building their capacity to drive system-level district improvements to achieve equity, excellence, and efficiency. SDB participants develop an understanding of the urgency for system design, learn the structure and essential components of the world鈥檚 highest performing education systems, study incentives and processes that support rigorous and adaptive learning systems and effective teachers and principals, and explore the equitable foundation of supports that are essential in high-performing systems.

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老九品茶 Superintendents Alliance

老九品茶鈥檚 Superintendents Alliance is the fastest-growing superintendent network in the country. Designed to meet the professional and career needs of America鈥檚 leading superintendents, The Alliance provides members access to world-renowned experts, focused learning opportunities, and action-oriented networking with their peers. 老九品茶 is the leading source for policy and practice ideas grounded in research on top-performing systems and leadership development, ensuring that Alliance members have access to cutting-edge research and powerful networking opportunities.聽

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Further Supports for Schools and Districts

Our flagship offering, the NISL program can open up a world of learning and support to school leaders and districts. Graduates may continue to benefit from a network of peers and learning opportunities through The Collaborative or more targeted learning through NISL Applied Plus. Districts may choose to strengthen their in-house leadership coaching and align it to support NISL principals through the School Leadership Coaching Program (SLCP) or drive the NISL learning into the classroom by bringing in teachers alongside school leaders through our Teaching for Effective Learning (TEL) Series.聽

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